Frankrijk distributie groepage en FTL

Bernaards Transport is specialised in groupage and FTL transport from and to France. Through years of experience Bernaards Transport is capable of making daily deliveries to the French market. With a wide range of transport equipment available GROUPAGE and FTL shipments are transported by certified members of staff who speak the French language.

Kinds of transport equipment for France

Types of goods that are transported

  • BOX TRAILER 13,6 metres
  • ROADTRAIN 15 metres
  • CITY TRAILER 10 metres
  • COOLER 13,6 metres
  • DOUBLE STOCK TRAILER 13,6 metres
  • ADR-goods
  • Goods going through customs
  • Food related- / HACCP related goods
  • Dry trade goods
  • High-grade goods
  • Machinery
  • Fragile goods
  • Valve shipments
  • Double stock goods
  • General goods

Client sollutions

  • Customs procedures
  • Storage
  • Digital POD available immediately after unloading by means of scanning
  • Digital invoices
  • Additional invoices
  • Track and tracing
  • Groupage shipments