The CSR policy is aimed at promoting and maintaining working methods and conduct that prevents damage to the health of employees and third parties, as well as material damages and environmental damage (air-, water- and ground pollution and noise nuisance).
Principles of the safety policy are:

  • To at least adhere to the legislation in force with regards to human resources and the environment.
  • Prevention of absenteeism connected to labour conditions.
  • Protection of the environment.

The company will continuously strive to improve labour conditions and environmental achievements.

Zuinig rijden

The drivers at Bernaards Transport have all completed a course in energy-efficient driving.  The effects of this course have been measured for years and it has resulted in a 2% saving.

Waste separation

Bernaards Transport separates all waste flows. Paper, plastic, wastewater, wood, iron, oil and other forms of waste are all separated. Separate collection of waste saves natural resources and energy, and prevents environmental pollution. Each Kg of waste that does not go to the incinerator saves the community 5 cents.


Adblue is an addition that goes into a separate tank on the truck. Its composition is a 32.5%-solution of urea in demineralised water, which is used as a supplement in vehicles that drive on diesel fuel, to make them more environmentally friendly. The supplement is sprayed into the hot exhaust gases before a special catalytic converter. The nitrogen oxides that were formed during combustion are converted into elementary nitrogen and water. The use of AdBlue amounts to 3 to 5% of the diesel consumption.


60 % percent of the fleet at Bernaards Transport contain Euro 6 motors. According to research conducted by TNO on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the new generation of trucks are much more environmentally friendly to drive than their predecessors.  The heavy Euro 6 motors are 90% more environmentally friendly than Euro 5 motors, depending on the driven speed. In comparison to older motors the difference is even greater.

Blind spot course

Safety on the road is very important. The drivers at Bernaards Transport have all completed a blind spot course and other additional training to guarantee safety on the road.