Bernaards Transport is a logistics services provider. Its core activities are: Benelux- distribution, FTL and GROUPAGE transport in Western Europe and GROUPAGE transport between the Netherlands and France. Bernaards Transport is known for being a reliable company that provides premium transport services.

Groupage transport

Met name in de groupage laat Bernaards Transport zijn sterktes zien. Of het nu om 1 pallet gaat of een volle vracht, Bernaards Transport zorgt dat de vrachten op tijd worden geleverd.
Door een goed team aan Nederlandse chauffeurs en medewerkers op de vloer, slaagt Bernaards Transport er steeds weer in om opdrachten op gevraagde klanten tijden te leveren. Er wordt continue geanticipeerd op veranderingen onderweg of in vraag.


The entire fleet is equipped according to the statutory rules to transport ADR goods. Bernaards is an ADR specialist because we have internal safety advisers and all our drivers hold an ADR-certificate.


Through a comprehensive track-and-trace system and advanced technologies in the truck and on location the client can access fast and accurate information. We provide a solution for any transport issue.


The Bernaards Transport equipment is maintained in-house so that Bernaards Transport can anticipate on damages or maintenance needs rapidly.  Clients should have well-maintained and excellent equipment at their disposal. This is also why we opted for an in-house car wash. With our internal inspectors, electro-technicians and tachograph specialist, Bernaards Transport is not dependent on external parties, which makes anticipating on any kind of situation all the more straightforward.